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June 30, 2010

Like what i always say… take advantage of every moment when in a luxurious resort ^_^

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The second day at the resort was as relaxing and refreshing as the first day. Me, 奶奶, and dad went to a nearby mountain for a morning walk. Our walk was cut short since there were too many stairs for 奶奶. Truthfully, i wanted to get away from the bugs as fast as possible anyways! I felt like an entree for mosquitoes in that forest. When we got back, we went straight to the morning buffet. The restaurant had a diverse selection from western food to chinese food to japanese food. Sadly, my stomach could only take up to chinese food and japanese food. I’ll just wait for some real western food when i get back to the states. Plus, i don’t trust western food here -_-

After breakfast, me and dad went to check out the recreation room. They had nearly everything there. The children’s room was fully equipped with console games and nearby were pool tables. Right next door, there was the gym that i acquainted myself with on the first day. We went by the pool tables and dad taught me how to play pool. Surprisingly, it was very fun. I had a knack for getting in straight shots most of the time. I simply have to work on shots that require angling. After playing for nearly a hour, we were even 1:1. Sadly, the one time i did win was because he got in the 8 ball on accident and so he automatically lost. But a win is a win!

Afterwards, we went back to the room to change and go to the top floor spa. When we got there, both the men’s and woman’s sides were entirely empty! It was a real stroke of luck! The outdoor spa was nice and it seemed like heaven since i was the only one there. The temperature was still around 40.3 degrees celsius but the outdoor weather was slightly hotter and it made a nice contrast to the heated water. I have to admit, it was pretty awkward floating there totally naked. But luckily there was no one there… all i had to worry about was mentally scarring some birds that were watching in the trees. I was in the spa for 20 min and came out to meet my dad. He was at the front desk holding towel against his chin. When i walked closer, i realized he knicked himself with the razor provided in the spa room. Haha.. to cut himself at his age…

I then went to the gym and used the ellipticals for awhile. Compared to the night before, my workout that morning was so embarrassing! It was probably because the day before, i went to the gym at night so it was much cooler. After about 15 minutes… i was already so out of breath, the night before i could go for at least 40 minutes until i felt that way. Soon, i switched rooms and played some more pool with dad. That game is so addicting!! No wonder people lose hundreds and hundreds of dollars betting on that game. The final score was 3:3. Again, it was all because of luck that i won at all. Dad kept getting the 8 ball in on accident -_-  But one day, I’ll definitely beat him legitly!! Give me a few more years so i can work on my geometry!

We left the resort at noon and got on the train to head back to taipei. The only reason we used this particular mode of transportation that was slower and more costly than normal taxi rides… was because I REALLY wanted to eat those traditional tin bento boxes. I was ready for those pork cutlets and small side dishes in all those taiwanese dramas i’ve seen! Sadly, i only ended up eating a average one in a wooden bento box. It was very disappointing 😦  I had such high hopes!


June 28, 2010

Hot springs are still bomb in hot grueling weather!

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I remember the last time i went to a hot spring. It was back when i was just 12-14 years old and my family was in Japan. We went up to a mountain resort south of Tokyo. It was extremely cold up in the mountain but I remember that the natural hot springs made the weather much more bearable. It was refreshing taking a bath where there was snow surrounding us. My next time at a hot spring will instead be in humid, 80 degree weather. My dad, me and my grandma went to Yi Lan last monday (6/21/10) and tuesday (6/22/10)  for a hot spring trip. When I first heard that we were going to a resort for hot springs, I seriously thought all the heat and humidity had permanently fried my dad’s brain. But somehow, i forced myself to pack up and go. The trip there was the most uncomfortable car ride of my life. We rode in small van, probably as big as a prius where there were 6 people.  Besides the driver and us, the other 2 tourists were carrying luggage big enough to take up a whole row in a car. They were from Hong Kong. Another reason I dislike Chinese people! When we got to the resort, we went up to our room which i thought was extremely nice. Our room had a Japanese taste to it with a full set of tatamis and kimonos. Plus, our room had an entire room dedicated just for bathing (this room was nearly equivalent to our whole living room)! I knew when it was my turn to take a bath there… i would stay in that bath until I either fainted or my skin had burns. We then walked around the town which was dismally boring. The countryside was much more humid than in the city… and the most productive thing we did while going around was buying a cheap swimsuit *i nearly was going to blow from all the heat when bargaining with the sales lady* Soon enough, we walked back to the hotel to take a spa bath. The nice thing about this hotel was that there were two separate floors for bathing. The top floor for outdoor bathing and the 5th floor for indoor. Since the weather was awful, we went to the indoor bath house. I was actually very disappointed after walking in. There were only a few spa areas and they were unbelievably small. To me, the temperature of the water could have been higher. In other words, this bath house was only worth 20 min of my time. After showering, I went to the gym for some much needed exercising. I spent 30 minutes on the treadmill while watching the world cup between Brazil and Cote d’lvoire . I’ve never even heard of the other country before but i felt so bad that the their team got so pummeled. But i’ll be cheering on for Brazil. While exercising, i realized how lazy Taiwanese people really were. During the 90 min in the gym, half a dozen came in just to use the cycling machines for 5 min and then leave. These are the times im really happy that i grew up in the US. I wouldn’t trade in for my love of the gym for anything… not even chinese food ^_^  I finished up with some weights and headed back to the room for that nice long bath. The bath in the room was probably one of THE greatest spa baths i’ve ever taken. It was legit. Started out showering and then taking a dip in the bath tub that was as big as my queen size bed at home. Across from the bath was a flat screen tv, which sadly had no good shows to watch. So instead, i listened to my ipod for 20 minutes. It was absolutely amazing! Afterwards, i waited for my dad to call me for a midnight snack but sadly i accidentely fell asleep 😛

June 23, 2010

Summer’s here! So its time to get out of the US :D

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After an excruciating long school year, i finally have some time to relax and get back to blogging 😀

But not long after getting out of school, i was swept away to another country. Currently im in taiwan just visiting family and once  again exploring the already familiar environment. Here is what has happened so far:

Day 1 (Friday,  6/18/10):

We got to Taiwan at night and besides that… nothing eventful really happened. I simply just knocked out when i got to 奶奶’s place 😀

Day 2 (Saturday, 6/19/10):

Like usual, the second day was always the most painful, in terms of getting enough sleep. I woke up at 4:00 am cause of jetlag. Fortunately, both dad and grandma were awake so we went out for a walk and ate breakfast. The painfully humid taiwan air hit me like a sandstorm once we got outside. It was hot, humid and sticky. The worst combination. We walked for about 15 min, which was very uncomfortable to bear. We got there and i ate enough food to satisfy a whole family 😀

From then, we went back to 奶奶’s house and relaxed. I met up with my cousin and aunt at around 3 pm. Later, we all went and met up with my friend, Amanda at Shi Da university. After getting together, we headed over to the nearby night market. We first ate a Thai dinner which seemed out of the ordinary since we were in Taiwan. It was very good nonetheless. For dessert, we ate shaved ice which was average. I was actually hoping to eat snow shaved ice but i’m sure i’ll get to that sometime on my trip. With the food all settled, dad and his friend left for a bar and so me, Amanda, my aunt and my cousin all went to explore the night market. Though the humid air was very uncomfortable, my obsession with shopping easily surpassed my desire for a cool background. Oddly, while we walked around and shopped, we ended up splitting into pairs that consisted of my aunt and me, and Amanda and my cousin. For some peculiar reason, i found my aunt very “agreeable” (pride and prejudice :D). I loved her opinions about generally everything, especially in clothing and jewelery.  As for my cousin, her and Amanda were having fun running around each shop trying to find the perfect outfit for Amanda which was surprising extremely hard. Though, we found many clothes that were her style, none of them fit here. I really do hate Asian clothing sizes, us Americans have no chance with them 😦  Eventually the overcrowded streets persuaded us to leave. We stopped by a Watsons and bought makeup for my mom and then sent Amanda back to Shi Da where she would be spending her Summer learning Chinese. I spent the night over at 姥姥’s with my aunt and cousin. However shortly after we got back, I sadly knocked out before I even got to say goodnight to anybody.

Day 3 (Sunday, 6/20/10):

The next day, my aunt, me, my cousin and my grandma all went to a nearly Sogo to eat ding tai fung. The wait was over a hour so we went to explore the mall in the meantime. None of the brand name stores interested us, so we spent the most time in a general store on one of the higher floors. I entertained myself with the stationary. I realized half the stationary there was entirely useless. I say… Asians and their scary obsession with cute, useless things. I’m so glad i’m an American, otherwise I may have become one of those doll-like asian girls with huge fuzzy animal accessories attached to their cellphones, a long time ago…. Once we got into the restaurant, we ordered an unbelievable amount of food (三个 鸡汤,一个素较,一个小笼包,四盘小菜,四碗凉缅,一个豆沙包). It was even more scary that we were able to finish all of it, truthfully… it was mostly me eating everything *i’ve really become a trashcan after spending so much time here ^_^ *

After lunch, we went to 城品 and spent the afternoon in the bookstore. I was sad that the ratio of english books to chinese books was 1:50 but I was satisfied with the books that i did see. I ended up buying “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.” I’m currently reading it and so far I feel the zombie concept is out of place and unnecessary. Hopefully, I’ll slowly come to like it as I read on.

We got back to 姥姥 house in the late afternoon when my aunt and cousin had to leave. My cousin had to go study for her exam. Although i felt slightly disappointed that me and my cousin didn’t really get to properly bond, I did have lots of fun with my aunt. It just seemed hard to get on the same wavelength as my cousin, especially since it seems that she became even more reserved since the last time i saw her. When the two left, i spent the rest of the time learning how to make curry chicken from 姥姥. I took down some notes and I plan to cook it once i get back home in August. Hopefully… it’ll have the same taste.

On Monday and Tuesday, me, dad and 奶奶 went to a resort. But the details of our little trip will be saved for another day and another post!

February 7, 2010

Reflecting On Care Extenders!

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Today I ended up my 1 year commitment for the care extender internship program. I started with the pharmacy department to cardiothoracic unit to oncology and finally to the ER. Every department was unique in its own way and each showed me different sides of the medical field. But when it came down to picking favorites, the winner was the ER and the pharmacy was runner-up. The ER gave me the chance to watch minor surgeries and see many bizarre wounds and diseases. Plus, I also learned about procedures such as the spinal tap or how to read an EKG. I have to admit, there were some VERY boring moments such as making beds and making “rainbows.” But in the end, just being able to see and experience what I did was all worth it. The techs were all amazing people. It was fun being around them and talking about random topics. My only regret about this department is not getting to know the nurses, techs and doctors as well as I wanted to. But it was hard to since I was only there for once a week. The next time I volunteer in a similar enviroment, I’ll make sure to really befriend the staff. It will be a future goal!

As for pharmacy, all the techs were the ones that made the whole experience fun. Some of my responsibilites were handling the orders, giving messages to the pharmacists and resupplying. I have to admit alot of it was just busy work but at least I could always depend on a tech to make the seemingly tedious jobs alot less boring.

I came into this program hoping to get an idea of which part of the medical world I want to be part of. In the beginning, I hoped to be a doctor but after going through some of the departments I realized it was not for me. After going through this year, I’ve developed an interest in pharmacy. However, it won’t be retail pharmacy but industrial. I want to be the one mixing and experimenting with substances and ultimately creating a new drug. How substances effect the human body is so mysterious and unpredictable. To me, finding out the results is exciting. I hope to continue learning about pharmacy at school and really see if this is the perfect career for me. I currently plan to volunteer at the Ronald Reagan Hospital and take up a research position next quarter. I better start cracking on those things… it’s going to be one hell of a busy quarter…

My Last Care Extender Shift

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Today I walked into my last shift for care extenders. I felt both excited and sad. It was exciting knowing that my year at the hospital was about to pay off. But it was sad that I wasn’t going to be able to see all the techs and nurses anymore. They were really the ones making the department more lively. When I got to the ER and starting checking the IV carts, I heard an interesting conversation between a RN and tech. They were talking about cute girls and why they date nerds. The RN’s explanation was that cute girls want to date hot guys but lack the confidence to. The RN said that cute girls assume those sorts of boys are taken. So out of desperation, those girls date nerds. While I was listening to this story, I couldn’t help but laugh inside. It made absolutely no sense! What sort of girls do guys like dating? CUTE GIRLS or sexy ones! I’m so glad that there isn’t a street smarts exam at a medical graduate school. In that case, we would all seriously be doomed! But the best part of the whole thing was that both the RN and tech were guys. It just proved how guys were clueless when it came down to girls.

Soon another CE came walking in and I was relieved that I wouldn’t spend my last shift alone. It happened to be Babydoll. I met her a few times before at department meetings or at the buses. She being there really made my shift much more fun, especially since she laughed at all my jokes and sarcastic comments. My day consisted of fooling around/reading magazine/talking about tv shows with Babydoll, making beds, getting food trays, escorting patients and running to the pharmacy for meds. One of the more notable patients was a completely drunk woman whining about her dying. She was just drunk, there was nothing more than that. I could already tell that I would be thankful when she got discharged. She was a nightmare. It was like handling a spoiled brat, she just sprawled her body onto the floor and refused to get back to bed. I gave brownie points for her friends that had to take care of her when she was drunk. Bless them. Thanks to her I realized I never want to drink that much. Lesson learned. I spent the last 30 minutes of my shift basically talking with Babydoll and stealing loads of candy from the staffers. My haul was 2 lollipops, 1 snickers, 2 tootsie rolls and a reeses. It wasnt bad at all 🙂

February 6, 2010

Ain’t Forgetting This For Awhile…

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Today started out like all my other Fridays. Waking up at 8:00 am and cursing at my internal clock for being so damn accurate. I forced myself to get ready and dragged myself outside into the gloomy, raining weather outside. When I got outside, I stood under my dorm building trying to figure out how to unstrap my friend’s umbrella. After about 10 minutes of a stranger watching me be a total idiot, I decided to f*ck it and go back to the room to borrow my roomie’s (Curly-Q’s) umbrella. I got to physics and was having fun watching all the demos *got really excited when my prof. nearly hit himself with a bowling ball.*

When I finally got back to the dorm, me and Curly-Q headed out at 11 am to the buses. When we finally got to Olympic and Sepulvada, we walked 3 blocks to get to Ramenya. While we waited in line, we saw some Japanese businessmen in their cute little suits. It reminded me of the time when I was in Japan. The only difference was the the ones in Japan looked like a swarm of penguins waddling through the busy intersection trying to get to work. The ones here looked tired, starving and freezing to death. I prefer the ones in Japan. I ended up ordering tan-tan noodles *wannabe Chinese den-den mien* and some gyoza. The noodles had absolutely no taste and I had to dump a whole bunch of pepper just so I felt I wasnt eating instant noodles in chili starch soup. Even the gyoza had chopped leeks in it which I absolutely hate. All I can say the trip there was definitely not worth it!

Afterwards, we headed to Sawtelle and ate cream puffs from Beard Papas. The only way to describe the cream puffs is God putting his love into puff form. We ate the puffs, drank coffee and drooled over the other desserts in the case. Next, we headed over to the Japanese mart and bought some yummy takoyaki, flan and “chocolate mushroom cookies” *give me a break, they’re amazing!* After 3 more blocks, we got on the bus and later got off and headed down Santa Monica Blvd. While we walked for half a hour, we admired the luxurious apartment buildings and at the same time wondered why the sidewalks we walked on were abruptly ending. We had to “change” sidewalks every 10 minutes. It was just plain strange. Eventually, we walked all the way down to Westfield Century City Shoppingtown. It was then when we walked to the Apple store and tried to look up the best bus to get on to head back to school. It was then that we realized I lead us the WRONG way. We walked through the rain for half a hour for absolutely nothing! It was without the doubt the stupidest moment of my life. Luckily, Curly-Q is unbelievablely laid back and she didn’t care. But I know for sure I’m never going to forget that moment. It is just too stupid to forget. After walking by a crazy woman clapping in the rain and talking to herself, we got back on track and headed back to the dorm.

The first thing we did when we got back was strip down and take a shower. It was right when I was shampooing my hair that the fire alarm went off. I froze for about 1 second but then continued on washing my hair. While doing that, I was thinking whether to really leave or just finish my shower. I decided to leave *fml.* I clumsily put on my clothes and ran back to the room so Curly-Q could put some clothes on. We panicked a little when the RA opened the door on us… I had to slam my body against the door so he wouldn’t see us changing 😛

We walked back outside just to get wet all over again. We stood in covel for a bit. I was in my slippers while Curly-Q was in a T-shirt and pajama pants. I gave her my sweater because she looked like she was going to tip over and give up on living. When we finally got back inside, we finished up our shower and finally settled down in the room. We ended the day with eating Takoyaki and blogging. I was more or less happy with the day.

Most people see Fridays as THE day to unwind, go have fun and just don’t give a shit about anything productive. Drinking, partying, or anything with loads of people usually fits the bill. I guess I can say that my friday was sort of like that… minus the drinking, partying and mass of people. It was just with my roomie but it was the most crazy-ass Friday I’ve had for awhile…

Hello world!

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Awesome! My first blog! Finally something that’ll compensate for my shitty alcheizmer memory… here I go!

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